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Ari da Silva & Sole Garrido Super helper 911 owners and founder’s:


Ari was born in Brazil and got his BA in Business Administration. He then worked for Multinational Corporations in Brazil, Chile and Canada such as Shell Oil, BHP Billington, CIBC, Scotia Bank, Unilever CA, and Upfield with particular focus on the Finance and Supply Chain fields.


Sole was born in Chile and graduated as an Industrial Designer & Architectural Technologist and then worked for multiple architectural and design companies, also developing experience in Interior and Garden Design in Chile and Canada.

In 2005 Ari and Sole met in Toronto, and without Canadian experience in their fields they started working in different jobs gaining important knowledge and skills in areas such as dog care, gardening, cleaning, property management, etc in the meantime time they decided to have a family together and pursue their dreams in Canada.  In 2011 their son Samuel was born; a joy in their lives. 

Sole and Ari always envisioned starting their own business combining their skills and experience, but work life balance and busy schedules was never on their side to fully allow them to realize their vision, until 2020 when the world went up side down due to Covid-19. 


Sole and Ari took the opportunity to move out of the city and purchased a house in the beautiful little town of Fergus, Ontario. After a year adjusting and getting to know the community they finally got the time and courage to follow their passion, opening Super Helper 911 with a mission to help families bringing stability and organization to their day-to-day schedule.  With a comprehensive approach to work-life balance, they provide you with a focus to either allow more time with your family and loved ones, or your respective professional careers and business.  Their services will help you build beauty at your place and offset the busy life schedule that often eats up the downtime today’s family never gets to enjoy because of all the required tasks that needs to get done every day.

Sole and Ari are eager to help you when need it, call Super Helper 911 and ask for a friendly consultation and quote.


Love, peace, health, wealth and success.


Ari & Sole

Couple in Nature
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