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Ari da Silva and Sole Garrido, the founders of Super Helper 911:

Ari, born in Brazil, holds a BA in Business Administration and boasts an impressive career with multinational corporations like Shell Oil, BHP Billington, CIBC, Scotia Bank, Unilever CA, and Upfield. His expertise lies in the Finance and Supply Chain sectors, bringing a wealth of experience from Brazil, Chile, and Canada.

Sole, born in Chile, is a qualified Industrial Designer & Architectural Technologist. She garnered her skills working for renowned architectural and design firms, specializing in Interior and Garden Design in both Chile and Canada.

Their paths crossed in 2005 in Toronto. Despite lacking Canadian work experience, they embraced various jobs, gaining vital knowledge in areas such as cleaning, dog care, gardening, and property management.


In 2020, amidst the upheaval caused by Covid-19, Ari and Sole seized the opportunity to redefine their lives. They relocated to the serene town of Fergus, Ontario, and after a year of acclimatization, they pursued their shared dream. Super Helper 911 was born from their passion, with a mission to instill stability and organization into families' daily lives.

Super Helper 911 offers a holistic approach to work-life balance, allowing families to cherish quality time together or focus on their professional aspirations. Their services aim to infuse beauty into your surroundings and alleviate the demanding daily tasks that often steal precious family moments.

Sole and Ari eagerly extend their helping hand. Reach out to Super Helper 911 for a friendly consultation and quote, and let them bring love, peace, health, wealth, and success into your life.

Warm regards,


Ari & Sole

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